Specialized Services

Medication Management

If a patient exhibits any of the following indicators the nurse will work with the
patient on medication management. This is done through comprehensive education
and organization. Patients are considered and evaluated upon admission,
recertification, resumption of care, and any other time throughout the certification
period to determine if they will meet the criteria.

•Patients that have multiple medications (5 or more) in multiple places
•Patients that have a diagnosis of dementia or a psychiatric diagnosis
•Patients that have several caregivers managing their medications
•Referral from MD for Medication Management
•Repeated admissions and/or continued medication non-compliance

Ways we perform medication management:
•Provide medication baskets or containers for patients active medications to
  keep them all in one place
•Put inactive medications in a zip-lock bag somewhere away from active
  medications to eliminate confusion
•Ask leading questions concerning medications, such as: when was the last
  time you saw the Doctor? Did the Doctor prescribe any new medications?
•Keep the Medication list in the home and make changes as needed at each
•Make a specific visit close to the admission date to designate “Medication
  Management” visit where the nurse goes over all the patient’s medications
  with the patient, performs teaching, etc.
•Fax updated medication list to the Physician
•Identify a caregiver or family member and arrange for them to be present at
  the Medication Management visit.